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With my poor knowledge of fashion, whatever I was trying to convey was completely understood, enhanced and the wedding gown of my dreams was created by Lynette and Yvette with so much care and effort. This dynamic duo is approachable, reliable, creative and they also give great advice! I suggest anybody looking for the perfect wedding gown to head to Bridal Brigade and find their match.
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Dr. Lizanne Lobo
I was nervous the first time I visited Bridal Brigade, I had no idea about gowns and so I did not know what to say. But the duo sisters put me at ease, guided me and as a result I had a custom-made wedding gown done there. It was beautiful, budget friendly as well as with perfect fit. I was given proper guidance as in what would suit me the best. Thanks a lot for all the guidance and for the beautiful bridal gown.
Budget friendly wedding gowns at Bridal Brigade
Drishya Jerry
I got my wedding gown designed by Bridal Brigade Bangalore. This is probably the best place to get an anxious bride to calm down. I am so glad that I found them and got a bridal gown that I always wanted.

The owners are two sisters who make sure that they hold your hand through the entire process and make you feel comfortable and deliver the best.
Bridal Brigade Bangalore
Pallavi Verma
Having a perfect gown for your big day is a fear that every bride goes through! So like everyone I went around to a lot of stores trying to find my perfect fit. When I walked inside Bridal Brigade, the minute the owner spoke to us, explained everything and showed me her collections I knew then that this is the place! They are budget friendly too. A big thank you for making the perfect gown

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Aashika Mohan
Reviews from our Brides
I couldn't be happier with my experience at Bridal Brigade. The service was top-notch, and Lynette and her sister went above and beyond to help me find the perfect gown. The attention to detail and the personalized fittings made the whole process enjoyable.I highly recommend Bridal Brigade to any bride-to-be!

Good Quality and Cheap Wedding Gowns in Bangalore
Sherin Joseph
It is a dream for a bride to dress pretty on her wedding day. The first bridal gown I tried at Bridal Brigade I fell in love! The way she designed my wedding dress I am speechless, it is gorgeous! Thanks a million Lynette, beautiful bridal dress, long veil and accessories, I never dreamt I would wear such a beautiful wedding dress! I will always remember you both when I see my bridal gown
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Leena Rani
Andhra Pradesh
Best place to get a custom wedding gown, veil and bridal accessories. Got my bridal gown here. Lynette made every single detail on the gown as requested and it turned out so elegant. Loved the service and the patience.

Thank you for understanding my vision and executing it.

Jane Thomas
I called the team based on a recommendation from my friend, It's love at first sight when I saw the readymade bridal gown ❤️ They guided me how to take care of the fabric, considering I'll not be having a wedding immediately. Overall, they were very friendly and helpful in helping me chose my gown for my big day ❤️ Thank you team!!!

Deepika Jantz
Bridal Brigade has crafted the gown of my dreams. They have kept in mind every little detail and it has turned out exactly as I had pictured it. So my bridal gown looks amazing and the fit is perfect! Had a nice experience and the service was great!
Thank you Bridal Brigade.

Where to find the best and low priced wedding gowns in Bangalore
Dr. Chrisyl Castelino
An amazing experience of my wedding dress shopping! Managed to get in without an appointment and was greeted by Lynette and her sister. They were so helpful in finding the right bridal gown. I would more than recommend this store to anyone in the dress-shopping stage!
Diana D'Souza
My wedding dress was perfectly made, superb fitting. The duo are so talented and they made a wedding gown which made me look like Cinderella. As a result i t looked beautiful and perfect. So Girls, just trust the duo, they know their job to core perfection.
Blush colour wedding dress in Bangalore
Hemma Josepha
My words cannot express how thankful I'm to Bridal Brigade. As soon as I met the designer I knew that I had found the perfect designer for my special day:) So the entire journey with this team was amazing from creating my dream gown till delivering it on time.. And it's worth for the price.
Fit and flare wedding gown in ivory colour
Roselin Nivetha
Wedding Gowns at affordable prices at Bridal Brigade Bangalore
Trumpet Style Satin Wedding Gown

Bridal Accessories- Long Veil, Short veil, Tiara

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